Company History
CCL Laser Technology Sdn. Bhd., incorporated in Dec 2004
The principal activity of the Company is :-
- providing Laser Welding services to molding, tooling, plastic injection and die-casting companies
- providing Laser Welding services to automation company for bulks quantity project

Company Vision
We aim to satisfy our customer' needs through continuous technological improvement

Company Mission
The Laser Welding support services are extremely competitive in local and overseas market. We have confidence to serve our customers in delivering good welding quality services promptly. Our mission is to become a leading Laser Welding company by always improving the quality of our services and attending to our value customers' needs promptly. We also emphasize on after sales services to ensure our customers' satisfaction is fulfilled. We will always improve our technical skill as the Laser technology grow.


Advantage of Laser Welding
- No / minimal undercut / sink of the weld or base metal surrounding the welded area
- Minimal machining and easy to restore the welded area to its original dimension
- Minimal heat imput resulting no or lowest possible of distortion / warpage on the base material
- Precisely control of the weld location due the welding is done under microscope


Comprehensive Stock of Welding Materials

- Tool Steels: Nak 80, SKD 11,718, 760, P20, 8497, M2, S7, H13, ASP23
- Stainless Steels: Starvax 304, 308, 312, 316,410,420,17-4PH
- Nickel Base Alloys: Ni 55
- Copper Base Alloys: Berylium Copper
- Titanium: 6AL-4V
- Alluminium: 4043, 5356
- Exotic Metals

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Contact Us

40-, Tingkat Bawah, Lorong Cermai 1
Taman Samagagah, Permatang Pauh
13500 Butterworth, Pulau Pinang
Tel: +6 04 - 399 9862
     : +6 012 - 473 3862
Fax:+6 04 - 3399 9862
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20 Jalan Putri, Bandar Putri
47100 Puchong, Selangor Malaysia.
Tel: +6 03 - 8060 5777
     : +0 16 - 411 7767
Fax: +6 03- 8060 5777
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